Our works

Accuracy, reliability and artisan care
are the strengths of our firm. The great passion for our work leads us to follow our client in the whole process of production, from planning to assembling. From small works to big productions we follow the production process in minute detail to guarantee a high quality standard to all our productions.

by using professional design programs we can create detailed renderings of your projects and provide expert advice on the realization and assembly.

supporto in ferro progetto scala ferro vetro

Mario Molteni is able to support with the same care big companies and single private clients in the realization of design projects and furniture in classic and modern style thanks to the possibility to work different materials in its laboratories, from iron to steel from brass to aluminium not to mention the latest materials such as titanium.

Manufacturing types:

  • Laser cutting
  • Water jet-cutter
  • Laser tube
  • Welding machines of the latest generation (Austrian technology)
  • Pipe bending (with calender). Thanks to a special modification made to machinery we are able to obtain tube bends with special angles.
Water jet-cutter Laser cutting Laser tube Welding machines of the latest